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Protect your website today with our First Step Web Assessment

As the threat posed by cybercriminals constantly changes, the need for updates in your website’s security is key. Website security is extremely important in order to protect all your online activities, sensitive data, and business from cyber-attacks.

With 98% of UK businesses now operational online in one way or another, benefiting hugely from the use of websites, social media, staff email addresses, online banking, and the ability for customers to shop online, it is no surprise that cybercrime is on the up.

There are many types of website attacks and whilst it might seem impossible to defend yourself from them, we provide a simple service that will help you to determine the vulnerabilities and possible entry points for cybercriminals.

To help you take steps to secure your website, we offer a website assessment service called a First Step Web Assessment. This service involves our team reviewing your current website to identify vulnerabilities that could help cyber attackers gain access to your website.

Our non-technical assessment report will highlight your website’s most pressing vulnerabilities and will be shared with you for your information. Once the findings have been reviewed by you and our team, we can work with your internal function or use our Cyber Path team to remove the vulnerabilities within your website.

Frequently Asked Questions – First Step Web Assessment

How much does a FSWA cost?

The cost of this service is £150, however, we are currently offering a 30% discount to all SECRC members. To benefit from this offer, join today and let us know that you would like to purchase this service.

Who is providing this service? The National Cyber Resilience Centre Group Cyber Path students under the supervision of our leading cyber security practitioners.

How does it work? The team will schedule a discovery session to gather information about your needs and answer any questions before undertaking the assessment.

Who should get an FSWA? Any business whose operations makes use of a website.

How will it benefit my organisation? We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your organisation’s cyber security posture and actionable recommendations.

When is the best time to get an FSWA? If you have a website, then right now! Cyber criminals can strike at any moment, and operations left unchecked are at a greater risk to your organisation.


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