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OxCyber is a free community as part of the UKC3 clusters, and aims to ignite and encourage cybersecurity and technology growth in the Thames Valley are by facilitating interactions between experts and SMEs/startups through meetings, webinars, in person events, workshops and mentorship programs.

ABCOM IT Solutions


ABCOM IT Solutions offers Cybersecurity solutions, including advanced penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities, adhering to Cyber Essentials standards for foundational protection, and a strategic solutions stack that includes real-time threat monitoring, endpoint security, and secure network architectures. These solutions are designed to fortify your digital infrastructure from emerging threats, ensuring compliance and operational resilience.

East Grinstead Business Association


The EGBA is a collection of businesses from the Greater East Grinstead area who seek to grow their business both within the community and the market place in general.

By bringing members together they can exchange news, ideas and discuss relevant problems.

HB Tech


HB Tech is an IT support and services provider supporting over 100 businesses and charities. They are a leading provider of Cyber Security solutions offering tailored services and products designed to protect organisations from cybercrime.

They believe it's critical to be proactive when it comes to Cyber Security. Their comprehensive Cyber Security services protect SMEs from potentially catastrophic viruses, malware, and ransomware. Most importantly, they offer the greatest protection that organisations can have; knowledge. Their friendly and professional team is continually on hand to provide expert advice and ensure the highest cyber protection for their clients.

HB Tech is dedicated to helping SMEs protect themselves against cybercrime. They offer a specialised service that is designed to support clients through every step of achieving Cyber Essentials.

Isle of Wight Chambers of Commerce


The Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce is accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce. Based at Branstone Business Park, the IW Chamber represents hundreds of Island businesses and thousands of employees.

The Isle of Wight Chamber is a membership organisation, not-for-profit and independent of local and national government.

Sussex Chambers of Commerce


Sussex Chamber of Commerce is one of only 53 Chambers in the UK to be accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). The BCC was established 150 years ago in 1860 and is the national body for a powerful and influential Network of Accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK - a network that directly serves not only its member businesses but the wider business community.

Accredited Chambers of Commerce exist to make a difference to your business, through ensuring your views are heard within Government, opening new business opportunities in local, national and international markets, or providing critical business advice, services and skills development. High on the BCC's agenda is helping British business thrive, so the BCC works with Government to shape policy affecting businesses. It also focuses on key areas of activity including International Trade, Skills Development and Business Services.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce


Surrey Chambers of Commerce is the county’s largest independent not-for-profit business support and networking organisation. We utilise the expertise and experience of thousands of businesses (55,000 business people). Sitting at the heart of the business community, Surrey Chambers of Commerce acts as a catalyst by connecting you to opportunities, skills, knowledge and valuable contacts. We help you to grow and develop by promoting you, keeping you informed and representing you locally, regionally and nationally.

By joining the Chamber your business has the best chance to thrive and prosper. All of our services and products are directed by the business community for the business community.

We connect over 5,000 business people every year, providing a range of high quality services to help you grow your business, increase your contacts and obtain the right kind of support for your organisation.

Thames Valley Partnership


The Thames Valley Partnership is an established charity, with solid experience of delivering a broad range of support services to both victims and offenders and their families. The charity also offers mentoring to young people who may benefit from a timely intervention when they are struggling and need a little guidance and a listening ear. Seeing first hand experience of the impact of crime on real lives, they work hard to influence strategy and drive positive change. The Thames Valley Partnership looks to create long lasting, sustainable solutions to the problems of crime and social exclusion in our communities; working with a focus on protection, early intervention and positive encouragement, rather than punishment.

The charity offers mentoring, advocacy, emotional, practical and crisis support to help turn around the lives of those who need our support and enable them to look towards a brighter future. The partnership team and partners work innovatively and with a passion, to address these challenging and often complex issues across the Thames Valley and beyond.



ACME UC is a Microsoft Gold Partner operating across the world, audited and certified by BSI to ISO27001, with extensive experience in securing and driving value realisation from Microsoft’s teamwork solutions. Our experience in Microsoft 365 and Azure as specialists in Teams, will help you build a secure culture of collaboration and secured foundation for digital transformation. Empowering your employees, while adhering to the lawful compliance requirements and mitigating the security concerns. Cyber Essentials is a set of basic technical controls organisations should have in place to protect themselves against common online security threats and is suitable for all organisations, of any size, in any sector.

Do more with less, we secure by design as good practice, we don’t layer on duplicated additional costly third party-systems, we’ll keep addressing the technology for you, making the best use of the licences you have, our Active Cyber Defence measures, the tools from the NCSC and the SECRC and our secret sauce. That secret sauce is our tools and Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus solutions actively covering securing of the technology, training for your employees, underpinned by the written policies needed in a business. Our managed service – GET Actively Protected, takes the stress, where we assume the duties of your Cyber Advisior and maintain your systems on-going to those standards, as the latest security threats emerge. Allowing you to focus on your business and not the IT supporting.

If you are looking to achieve the reasonable minimum standard of Cyber Security with Cyber Essentials, or go further with the Microsoft Recommended Security Baseline, GDPR and the ICOs Accountability Framework, CIS, CSA CCM NIST CSF, SAN, PCI-DSS, or heading to ISO27001 or one of the many others - give us a call.

Lime Financial Solutions


Lime Finance Solutions are an award winning commercial and property finance specialist. We provide commercial mortgage, property and development finance solutions to clients across the South East. Specialising in complex and non standard lending, first time developers and lending where the main banks have failed to deliver.



At 3M™, we’ve designed advanced optical technology that delivers visual privacy and screen protection trusted the world over. It’s your first line of defence against visual hackers, physical screen damage and screen glare. 3M™ offers products that fit over 40,000 devices, so chances are 3M have got the right product to help protect your screen, and help keep the information displayed on it, private.

Visual hacking, or the capture of confidential information using visual means, is a real threat to cyber security.

To help manage the risk of a data breach, IT Managers often implement digital controls like authentication, encryption and firewalls. But what about confidential data visible on screens? Most IT leaders admit visual hacking is a significant risk for their organisation.

3M™ Privacy Filters are an easy-to-implement first defence from costly breaches and an essential part of a comprehensive IT data security plan.

With more employees working outside the office, and the rising threat of visual hacking, more organisations are requiring 3M™ Privacy Filters as part of their complete data security plan. Is your organisation doing all it can to protect its data from visual hackers?

Paac IT Limited


PAAC IT is an IT managed services provider based in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex UK. They specialize in delivering a wide range of IT services and solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, including network security, cloud computing, data backup and recovery, software development, and more. With their experienced team of IT professionals, PAAC IT is committed to providing customized, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of their clients.

They are also dedicated to helping SMEs achieve cyber resilience without unnecessary burden by offering expert advice, practical tools, and ongoing support to improve their cybersecurity posture and protect their valuable assets from cyber threats. PAAC IT also provides personalized customer support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, and flexible service agreements to ensure maximum uptime and performance for their clients' IT systems.

Net Primates


Net Primates provide comprehensive IT support for small and medium sized businesses and are committed to helping you maintain maximum availability of your business-critical systems. We are committed to guarding businesses against the latest viruses, malware and cyber threats, ensuring that your business-critical systems remain fully-functional and secure.

We work with you to fulfil best practice by using the Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ criteria as a basis, and continually monitor the latest threats and provide solutions for avoiding them.



Iron Dome are a friendly team of IT support professionals that look after the IT of small and medium sized businesses. We specialise in getting the IT systems of our clients compliant to Cyber Essentials and NIST standards. Developing an IT and security roadmap that helps business owners have peace of mind that their IT is well supported and as secure as possible. Our services include but are not limited to: security reviews and audits, SOC services, disaster recovery and backup, cloud services and business continuity planning.

Little Kanga


Little Kanga Ltd is a management consulting firm that partners with SMEs; Universities and UK Government to help economic development and business growth.

Home of the largest online start-up and SME community at the company is owned and operated by award winning Becky Lodge, one of TechRound’s ‘Women in Tech to Watch’ and one of Sky News 100 Women in business in the UK.

Thames Valley Chambers of Commerce


At Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, we have solutions to help your business to;

• GROW – your market, your profile and your bottom line
• PROTECT – essential services such as HR, H&S, legal and tax cover included in your membership fee
• CONNECT – through events, introductions and wide reaching social networks, spanning the globe
• SAVE – exclusive low cost benefits and access to funding
• LOBBY – We feed YOUR views to government, hold them to account and push for change

There’s a Chamber of Commerce dedicated to every region of the UK. As a result, we’re uniquely placed to help businesses of every size and sector. Meaning from micro one-person businesses to our country’s largest employers, we’re all in it together, locally, nationally and globally.

Konsileo Ltd


We’re Konsileo.

We’re disrupting the insurance landscape by giving our brokers the freedom, resources, and technology to truly protect their clients and help businesses like yours get the protection they need to grow. We’ve spent years building the tech stack to power the broker of the future and create the most comprehensive version possible. Combining innovative technology with a collaborative approach, we strive to transform the commercial insurance broking model.

Jack is our resident Cyber expert; he specialises in placing Cyber Insurance for all industries from new start-ups to multinational corporations. With over 10 years of experience, he will deliver a bespoke solution to every client and be able to provide you with Cyber risk management tools and support throughout the year.

Your business is unique. So are we.

Konsileo find insurance and risk management solutions that don’t fit in a box – but do fit you.

Hampshire Chambers of Commerce


Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is owned and led by its membership comprising of local business organisations of all sectors and sizes. As a private sector, not for profit Company we are independent and can therefore lobby effectively to make Hampshire the place to do business.

We hold over 100 events every year including our annual conference which strive to give all members the opportunity to learn, meet new contacts and promote their business through networking or promotional opportunities.

We also provide Training services, International Trade services, a host of membership benefits and member offers, and links to a variety of groups and committees.

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