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Data Breach Guidance

This page guides you on what to do in the event of involvement in a Data Breach.

You may find out you are involved in a data breach through:

  • Direct contact from an effected organisation

  • Password manager

  • Notification service such as Have I Been Pwned

Data Breaches may contain personally identifiable information such as:

  • Names

  • Home and mobile phone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Physical addresses, geo-location data, and IP addresses

  • Passwords and security hints

  • Financial data

Information in each data breach varies, however, it is important to note that even if a password was encrypted, once involved in a data breach, it should be considered insecure and you should update that password everywhere it was used, and never use again.

Should there be fraud or cyber crime linked to an account suspected to have resulted from the data breach, use the government reporting service to inform the correct authority.

Data breach guidance for individuals and families is available here.

Guidance for a business owner responding to a cyber incident involving a data breach is here.

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