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To prevent thefts and burglaries, you are advised to lock doors and close windows when leaving your home or premises and naturally, this is something we routinely know to do.  However, do you install the same practice for your digital property?

Whether you are a school, retail business, legal firm or construction company, if you use and are connected to the internet then you may well be open vulnerabilities that you are not aware of. If your business is connected to the internet, this service can help you to identify weaknesses in that connection.

A remote vulnerability assessment is the digital version of a prospective burglar visiting your property to assess where your access points are. Instead of physically viewing your property, we can remotely look at your digital space to see where those points of entry would be for cyber criminals.


To identify where those access points are, we use the same toolsets and skillsets that hackers use to look at your businesses network and infrastructure. This service also benefits from regional Police and National Cyber Security Centre intelligence to capture the very latest known threats and techniques used by cyber criminals.


Once we have identified points and any other vulnerabilities, we provide recommendations and mitigations to tackle the identified vulnerability, so that you can take action to reduce your risk of suffering a cyber-attack as a result of this vulnerability.


During the work, the interaction with your systems is kept to a minimum, however there is always a risk that poorly maintained or designed systems can suffer outages during vulnerability assessments. That is why all remote vulnerability assessments are supported with back-out and recovery plans agreed in advance to minimise risk.

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