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Why is my website at risk from cybercriminals?

Online criminals are always snooping around websites to find vulnerabilities or entry points for which they can use to gain unauthorised access to the site and the data that is behind it. Regardless of a website or businesses size, every website is at risk of being compromised by cybercriminals whether it’s a blog site, dynamic e-commerce platform or the local Indian restaurants website.

So why do they target websites? Well put simply, online criminals can make lots of money by hacking even the smallest of websites belonging to small, local businesses. Website hacking is now almost all automated and this makes it even easier for criminals to gain unauthorised access to multiple sites in little to no time.

There are many tools that these criminals are now using to scan the internet and look for known vulnerabilities which they can then compare to your website. If you are running a website with plugins or themes that contain known vulnerabilities, you are essentially giving these criminals step-by-step instructions on how to break into your website, hence the importance of ensuring your software is always updated.

Whilst it might seem impossible to defend yourself from cyber-attacks, particularly those targeting your website, The South East Cyber Resilience Centre we can provide a simple service that will help you to determine the vulnerabilities and possible entry points for cybercriminals.

Our website assessment service is called a First Step Web Assessment. This service involves our team reviewing your current website to identify vulnerabilities that could help cyber attackers gain access to your website.

Our non-technical assessment report will highlight your website’s most pressing vulnerabilities and will be shared with you for your information. Once the findings have been reviewed by you and our team, we can work with your internal function or use our Cyber Path team to remove the vulnerabilities within your website.

We recently carried out a First Step Web Assessment service for a local Medical Devices producer who left this fantastic testimonial:

We are about to launch a disruptive technology and are concerned about both our physical and cyber security. The First Step Web Assessment is a fast, efficient and very valuable step along the way to creating a more cyber resilient web presence.
“We felt that the outcome of the service enabled us to tighten up the security of our site and hopefully has prevented online criminals from tampering with our website.”

The cost of this service is £150, however, we are currently offering a 30% discount to all SECRC members. To benefit from this offer, join today and let us know that you would like to purchase this service.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about our affordable security services.


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