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NCSC releases guidance for managing the cyber security of high profile events

Whilst attending events such as large exhibitions and conferences might seem a way off, this doesn’t mean that cyber criminals have switched off to their interest in causing organisers issues around cyber security.

Many conferences are often held in public and their content is only occasionally of a sensitive nature. However, this can often present an opportunity for oversight to creep in and for cyber criminals to act.

This potential for overlook is risky because, if a high profile event were compromised, the resulting disruption and reputational damage could be very serious.

The National Cyber Security Centre have released new guidance that covers fundamentals including governance, risk assessment, incident management, testing and exercising.

Whether your event is virtual or face to face, and whether there are 10 people or 10,000 people due to attend, this guidance is relevant and might help prevent your event from being hijacked.

Read the full NCSC guidance here.


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