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Strengthen your Supply Chain with a
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olution from UK Policing

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Are you aware 3rd party vendors could be a key vulnerability in your organisation's cyber security?
This solution can help you reduce that supply chain risk.

Step 1 - Your action
Join our program by inviting your vendors to become a part of this cyber security journey.

By participating, they unlock these benefits:

  • Easily integrate into a supply chain management plan to strengthen your strategy.

  • Receive reports on cyber threats an organisation faces.

  • Stay up to date about emerging threats and best practices.

  • Provides access to free and subsidised cyber security tools and services from the Home Office.

  • Assist higher risk organisations obtain a framework such as Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001.

  • Vendors become better protected against cyber attacks lowering the business risk to all in that supply chain.

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Step 2 - Vendors action

Enrol HERE to improve the overall security of the supply chain.

We are set up to help businesses protect themselves from fraud and cyber crime by providing the latest cyber security updates, and services that improve overall cyber security.


You will receive:

  • Information pack and a regular newsletter

  • Free consultation to better understand your cyber security posture.

  • Access to free and Home Office subsidised cyber security solutions to improve your cyber resilience.

  • Confirm your membership status to the supply chain organisation.

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Step 3 - Vendors action

Police cyber alarm is a free tool that helps organisations who have a commercial firewall, monitor, and report malicious activity they face from targeted and automated internet attacks.  This video explains more.


Police cyber alarm will:

  • Provide a monthly summary of supply chain risk.

  • Provide monthly reports on suspicious activity and vulnerabilities.

  • Confirm registration status to the supply chain organisation.

  • Enrol HERE today.

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Step 4 - Vendors action

Q. Consider achieving Cyber Essentials

  • It's a government backed scheme to help businesses of any size protect themselves against a range of the most common cyber attacks.

  • Demonstrates commitment to cyber security.

  • Ensures appropriate cyber security controls are in place.

  • Reduces the cyber security risks in supply chains.

  • We can assist all those in achieving this cyber security framework.

Q. Is Cyber Essentials used in the Government’s supply chain?

  • Yes, since 2014 the government has required vendors bidding for certain contracts, hold this certification, or demonstrate equivalent controls are in place.

  • It helps manage cyber security risk in the government’s supply chain.

  • It allows the government’s vendors to use a recognisable scheme to demonstrate to other potential customers that they take cyber security seriously.


Step 5 - Our action

  • We will onboard vendors and provide them with assistance.

  • Stay in touch helping improve their cyber security making them more resilient.

  • Assist you working towards a reliable and incident free supply chain.

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"We encourage vendors to contribute to the cyber security of any supply chain by keeping themselves informed of threats and taking action to reduce risk by taking those first steps."

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