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NCSC releases refreshed 10 steps to cyber security

This week, the NCSC has released a refresh version of its 10 steps to cyber security, designed to help organisations manage their cyber security risks.

The steps enable businesses to break down the task of protecting their cyber security, by looking at 10 components. Adopting security measures covered by the 10 Steps reduces the likelihood of cyber attacks occurring, and minimises the impact to your organisation when incidents do occur.

What are the 10 steps to Cyber Security?

Understanding what you are trying to protect against is essential to managing cyber security risk. The video below talks about the common threat actors behind cyber attacks, and to keep up to date with cyber security matters affecting the UK see our latest reports and advisories.

For smaller organisations, the NCSC's Small Business Guide might be a better place to start, though the principles here in the 10 Steps are applicable to all organisations.


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