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Available now: Software Updates | Episode 4 of Getting to grips with Cyber Essentials series

The South East Cyber Resilience Centre (SECRC) working in conjunction with its Trusted Partners has produced a 6-part video series to educate businesses in the South East on Cyber Essentials and why businesses should become Cyber Essentials certified.

Episode 4, Software Updates is now available to watch here.

Software updates are essential for effective cyber security. When a new update is released, attackers will quickly identify the underlying vulnerability in the application and release malware to exploit it.

If the malware exploits the vulnerability, a criminal hacker can successfully attack before the target patches the vulnerability, there is a high risk of a data breach.

A survey by Ponemon Institute revealed that almost 60% of breaches suffered by organisations were because of unpatched vulnerabilities or latest updates not being installed.

Watch the video to discover how you can improve your business’s cyber resilience by doing something simple like installing latest updates.

Instead of taking the chance of falling victim to a cyber attack, sign up to core membership today and receive FREE guidance and support like this on a regular basis. You will also receive regular, local threat updates so that you can strengthen your business's resilience. Visit our membership page for more information.


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