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3M joins the Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East in a new strategic partnership

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East are delighted to announce a new collaborative and strategic partnership with 3M™UK Limited.

3M™ have joined The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East (SECRC) as a member to support businesses in the South East against cybercrime.

With the rise of shared workspaces, hot desking and remote work, the opportunity for confidential information to be exposed on-screen is high. Visual hacking, or the capture of confidential information using visual means, is a real threat to cyber security.

To help manage the risk of a data breach, IT Managers often implement digital controls like authentication, encryption and firewalls. Most IT leaders admit visual hacking is a significant risk for their organisation.

Science-based global technology company, 3M™, is a leader in visual privacy protection. It provides privacy solutions which help protect end-point devices. 3M™ Privacy Filters are an easy-to-implement first line of defence from costly breaches and an essential part of a comprehensive IT data security plan.

3M™ offers products that fit over 40,000 devices so chances are 3M™ has the right product to help protect your screen and keep the information displayed on it private.

To learn more and to help find the right privacy filter, contact 3M™:

Commenting on the partnership, Andy Richardson Director of the Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East, said: “It’s great that 3M have become a member of the SECRC to support the work we are doing to increase cyber resilience in businesses in the South East. 3M are renowned in the field of privacy protection, an area of security that is often overlooked but as equally important as other access controls and I look forward to working with them in the coming months.”

Businesses in the South East can sign up for a free Core Membership online and receive a welcome pack full of practical resources and tools that will help you identify your risks and vulnerabilities and the steps you can take to increase your levels of protection. Through your membership, you will also get regular updates on new threats, designed to help you stay safer.


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