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Business owners and executives can become a target for cyber criminals who can use information they find out about them online to target them with phishing attacks. Many of us now use social media on a daily basis and are not aware of the trail of information that is available through the channels we use.

With these channels, there are many basic security settings that are often applied to reduce the information you share. However, applying your own security settings doesn’t prevent connections being made to you when others haven’t applied the same level of protection.


We understand that those with senior roles in businesses are not always able to prioritise cyber security and may feel that they have taken the necessary precautions to protect themselves. To enable you to focus on other priorities, this service will review your online presence, associations and what personal or private information is available publicly.

This will include reviewing social media channels, news posts and coverage, online forums, and public records to determine if there are any specific risks to, or threats from an individual.

The information gathered might be used to support pre-employment checks, to manage potential threats to a Director of a business or their families, or to understand more about a specific person of interest.


The service will be carried out specific to the brief given by the client and to ensure the service delivers the full brief, it will include objectives, concerns, and outcomes which we will capture and verify prior to any work commencing.

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