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Support for the education sector

Now more than ever, schools are relying on their IT to help with teaching and admin tasks. Your staff can play a key role in being the front line in keeping these IT services (and the information they access) secure and available.

Schools, Universities and Colleges (much like businesses) are increasingly reliant on IT and technology. Falling victim to a range of cyber activities aimed to cause harm and long term damage. As the threat to the education sector increases, losing access to technology or suffering a data breach through a cyber attack can be devastating. 

We regularly produce tools, guidance and resources for all schools, universities and colleges across the South East enabling them to feel better equipped to tackle the threat posed by cyber crime.

Cyber attacks on the education sector 

malicious software

Cyber-attacks affect school, colleges and universities of all sizes across the UK.


58% of secondary schools identifying breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

Phishing email

91% of colleges experienced a phishing attack in the last 12 months.

Resources for the Education Sector 


Cyber Security in Education – Steps for teachers and parents

Learn how to identify common cyber threats and discover cyber security best practices.


Cyber Incident Response


Use our cyber incident response plan to prepare your school for a cyber attack.


How to protect your school, university or college from ransomware

Cyber criminals are interested in looking for any and all opportunities to increase their profit margins at your expense.

SECRC staff training for schools

If in doubt, call it out - cyber security training for schools

Free cyber security training for schools, which sets out real-life incident case studies and 4 practical steps staff can take to protect themselves online.


How to handle phishing emails

Simple steps to help your staff recognise a  phishing attack when it appears and how to respond if it does.

Police cyber alarm

'Cyber CCTV’ on offer to all businesses in the South East

Every business in the South East can now access a free digital tool designed to help understand and monitor incoming threats from hackers.


A guide to cyber crime for SME's 

With the increased use of technology and the internet, comes a heightened risk of businesses being targeted by cyber criminals.


Cyber Training for Schools

The Police Cyber teams offer free expert services around improving the cyber security of your school and ensuring that your pupils are exhibiting the right cyber behaviours.

Looking for more support?


Have a query or would like to discuss how we can support your school, college or university?

We would love to hear from you! 

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