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What is Internet Discovery?

Our Internet Discovery service provides a comprehensive review of publicly available information about your business, employees, suppliers or prospective partners, using internet search and social media tools.

It is primarily focused on identifying any information that could be used by cyber criminals to craft an attack however is tailored to each business’ individual objectives and concerns.

There is no interaction with any organisation or individual and no intrusive measures or tools are employed.

Who is an Internet Discovery for?

Any business with an online presence, or whose staff are active online, will benefit from having a firmer understanding of what is being shared about them.

What are the benefits to my business?

Understand more about your online security posture and how likely it is to draw the attention of cyber criminals;

Identify if your employees are sharing personal or business sensitive information which puts them or your organisation at risk;

Undertake high-level due diligence on your suppliers, competitors or prospective partners.

How much does it cost?

Each service we offer is tailored to suit the needs of the business we are working with.

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