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Beauty and Healthcare

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East is urging businesses within the health, personal care and beauty industries to be extra vigilant and to take action to help secure their businesses from cyber criminals who are looking for opportunities to strike.

You can help make your business more secure from cyber criminals by following simple, easy to follow guidance, so to help you we have created and collated a suite of resources, services and tools. 

If you would like to stay up to date against the latest threats, please sign up for our core membership. 

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3 cyber threats impacting the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

A short infographic highlighting the key risks to businesses in the food industry.

SECRC warns businesses in beauty and health industries

Follow the actions in these 5 areas to keep your business out of harms way.

5 cyber security focus areas for health and personal care businesses

Use our cyber incident response plan to prepare your business in the event of a cyber-attack.

Cyber Incident Response Plan 

incident response

Don’t let cyber criminals shave off your profits

The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) revealed 56% of its members had been targeted by cyber criminals.

How healthy is your health and social care business?

The healthcare industry is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year business, which carries an escalated risk of cyber attacks.

how healthy is your health care_
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Cyber attacks on the health care sector increase by more than 10%

Learn how to protect the data of your business and how to improve employee cyber security behaviours.


You might have CCTV on your premises, but what do you have looking after your online presence?

How do cyber criminals hack humans?

SECRC Podcast and webinar branding

Over 700 cyber-attacks have been prevented by the National Cyber Security Centre on healthcare businesses. Learn how to protect yours in our podcast episode.

Cyber Inside Out Podcast: Episode 3 (Healthcare, Beauty and Personal Care)

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Have a query or would like to discuss how we can support your beauty, healthcare or personal care organisation?

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