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Resources and Guidance for the
Retail, Food and Beverage Sector Guidance

Retail and the Food & Beverage industries both see a high turn over of customers and that is just one reason they are prime targets for cyber criminals. Learn how to reduce your risk of a cyber attack occurring with our guidance, so to help you we have created and collated a suite of resources, services and tools. 

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Cyber Stats for Retail or Food & Beverage businesses

Cyber criminals are interested in looking for any and all opportunities to increase their profit margins at your expense.


Retail leads the way in 60K new businesses registered in the South East in the last 12 months

Learn how our Remove Vulnerability Assessment can help secure your business.

In the last year, 1 in 8 retail businesses have reportedly faced being victims of crime.

6 of the biggest cyber threats facing your customers data

6 threats facing your customers data secrc

The risk to Point-Of-Sale for both retail and food & beverage industries

Cyber Essentials helps you make your charity more resilient to cyber-attacks.

Cyber criminals are cooking up a storm in restaurants and cafe's

Learn how to chop cyber criminals out of your business.


How to report a cybercrime to law enforcement

Learn how and who to report a cybercrime to.

todays special blog

Today’s special - 7 things you can do to help your business fend off cyber criminals

Learn how to reduce your risk of a cyber attack with these 7 steps.

How can the NCSC’s Small Business Guide help my retail or ecommerce business?

The Small Business Guide is part of a collection of guidance that offers up-to-date tips on implementing key security controls.

SECRC Retail Ecommerce

Use our cyber incident response plan to prepare your business in the event of a cyber-attack.

Cyber Incident Response Plan 

incident response
SECRC Podcast and webinar branding

Cyber Inside Out: Episode 2 (Retail and Hospitality)

1 in 8 retailers faced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months, learn how to keep your business safe with these tips.

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