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UK businesses experienced an estimated 2.39 million cybercrimes in the last 12 months

With the increased use of technology and the internet, comes a heightened risk of businesses being targeted by cyber criminals. The Crime in England and Wales, year ending December 2022 release revealed that UK businesses experienced approximately 2.39 million cybercrimes in the last 12 months with UK charities following with 785,000.

The release also reported the following:

  • There were an estimated 764,000 incidents of computer misuse in England and Wales in the year to December 2022.

  • 31% of micro businesses have identified a cyber security breach or attack.

  • 32% of computer virus incidents in England and Wales involved loss of money or property in the year to December 2022.

So, what is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is an ‘umbrella’ term for many different types of crime which take place online or where technology is a means and/or target for the attack.

Cybercrime is often broken into three categories of cyber dependent crimes, cyber enabled crimes and the use of the internet.

  • Cyber Dependent Crimes, where a digital system is the target as well as the means of attack. These include attacks on computer systems to disrupt IT infrastructure and stealing data over a network using malware. The purpose of the data theft is usually to commit further crime.

  • Cyber Enabled Crimes, ‘existing’ crimes that have been transformed in scale or form by their use of the internet. The growth of the internet has allowed these crimes to be carried out on an industrial scale.

  • The use of the internet to facilitate drug dealing, people smuggling and many other 'traditional' crime types.

How can I help protect my business from cybercrime?

The first step to cyber resilience is knowledge, our easy to digest and downloadable information pack is the perfect place to start when looking to improve your cyber security. It’s completely free to access and will provide you with simple to follow tips, tricks and guidance to take your first steps in securing your organisation.

We also produce blogs and newsletters that keep you updated on the latest news, views, guidance and events relevant to the region’s business community.

We provide a range of affordable cyber resilience services with the very current knowledge and technical expertise from the UK's top university cyber talent. Our services help SMEs and therefore supply chain prepare and improve cyber resilience.

From staff training to reviewing your company’s network and systems, our services will help boost your cyber security strategy.

We also have a network of Cyber Essential Partners who can help you complete the Government-backed Cyber Essentials programme – designed to protect businesses from up to 80% of the most common cyber-attacks.

If you have any further questions or would like to know how we can help your business, please get in touch.


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