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Start your #CyberSecurity journey

URM Consulting Services Ltd

URM Consulting Services Ltd

and The South East Cyber Resilience Centre are working in partnership.

We are helping customers, clients, and suppliers, access meaningful cyber security resources and guidance, improving the overall supply chain, helping people, and organisations stay safe online.

Join this community and become one of the many local businesses benefitting from expert guidance, designed to help boost your business's cyber resilience levels against fraud and cyber attacks.

To receive your FREE cyber resilience centre information package click HERE.

URM Consulting Services Ltd

Established in 2005, URM has been providing pragmatic and appropriate advice, guidance and expertise to help all sizes of organisations improve their approach to information security, data protection, business continuity and cyber security. URM draws on its team of experts to help organisations like yours improve their current approach and achieve compliance with legislation, regulations and accepted best practice. Focusing on the people and process aspects of information and cyber security, URM helps improve approaches and establish permanent and effective cultural changes.

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To assist in reducing the impact and disruption of a fraud or cyber Attack, we have a free Cyber Incident Response Plan for you to use.

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