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Start your #CyberSecurity journey



and the
South East Cyber Resilience Centre
are working in partnership

We are helping customers, clients, and suppliers, access meaningful cyber security resources and guidance, improving the overall supply chain, helping people, and organisations stay safe online.

To assist in reducing the impact and disruption of a fraud or cyber Attack, we have a free 
Cyber Incident Response Plan for you to use.

Join this community and become one of the many local businesses benefitting from expert guidance, designed to help boost your business's cyber resilience levels against fraud and cyber attacks.

Benefits include:

A free 30 minute cyber health consultation: To help you understand your current business cyber-related related risks and whether our services could improve your business's ability to prevent a cyber-attack.


A regular newsletter full of tips, tricks, and resources to help you tackle current fraud and cyber threats.

Access to affordable and professional cyber security services including a service that can test how strong your website is against the most common types of attack.

Free and easy-to-follow cyber security exercises and toolkits from the National Cyber Security Centre for you to run with your employees.

Invites to all SECRC webinars, roadshow events and conferences.

To receive your FREE cyber resilience centre information package click HERE.


ACME UC is a Microsoft Gold Partner operating across the world, audited and certified by BSI to ISO27001, with extensive experience in securing and driving value realisation from Microsoft’s teamwork solutions. Our experience in Microsoft 365 and Azure as specialists in Teams, will help you build a secure culture of collaboration and secured foundation for digital transformation. Empowering your employees, while adhering to the lawful compliance requirements and mitigating the security concerns. Cyber Essentials is a set of basic technical controls organisations should have in place to protect themselves against common online security threats and is suitable for all organisations, of any size, in any sector.

Do more with less, we secure by design as good practice, we don’t layer on duplicated additional costly third party-systems, we’ll keep addressing the technology for you, making the best use of the licences you have, our Active Cyber Defence measures, the tools from the NCSC and the SECRC and our secret sauce. That secret sauce is our tools and Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus solutions actively covering securing of the technology, training for your employees, underpinned by the written policies needed in a business. Our managed service – GET Actively Protected, takes the stress, where we assume the duties of your Cyber Advisior and maintain your systems on-going to those standards, as the latest security threats emerge. Allowing you to focus on your business and not the IT supporting.

If you are looking to achieve the reasonable minimum standard of Cyber Security with Cyber Essentials, or go further with the Microsoft Recommended Security Baseline, GDPR and the ICOs Accountability Framework, CIS, CSA CCM NIST CSF, SAN, PCI-DSS, or heading to ISO27001 or one of the many others - give us a call.

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